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Currently, Setsoto Design, domiciled in Teyateyaneng, a town 32km from Maseru,
the capital city, is owned and directed by Ntebaleng Kolo and Saeed Abubakari.
The project provides direct employment to 63 middle aged women comprising of;
spinners, dyers, weavers and administrators. Employees are women with little or no
basic education who cannot easily secure employment elsewhere by virtue of the high
unemployment rate prevalent in the country. Many of these women who are the sole
breadwinners in their family and who depend on the project to support their immediate
families and orphans left behind by relatives who are deceased due to the AIDS pandemic.

The indirect employment it provides includes local farmers supplying mohair to the gallery and
the museums, and art galleries retailing our products such as; Old Nick Village Gallery
(Plattenberg Bay – South Africa) Hilmond Art Gallery (Cape Town Water Front) Goldstein Art
Gallery (Sandton and Tembo International Airport, Johannesburg) Majeed Art Gallery
(Maseru) and many more outlets throughout the world who are interested in our beautiful
hand-woven tapestries. We have many private collectors who visit our gallery from the USA,
New Zealand, Australia, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, France, South Africa, Israel, Britain,
Germany, Norway and Canada.


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