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  1. The wool is sheared from the Angora Goat and is known as mohair.
  2. The wool is carded and spun.
  3. The spun mohair is then washed.
  4. The mohair is dyed by hand over open fires according to the designer’s instructions
    and specific requirements of the proposed tapestry.
  5. The designer at the gallery works with international clients to choose suitable images
    and then prepare drawings for the weaver.
  6. The warp threads are set up on the loom in preparation for weaving.
  7. The design is woven by hand by highly skilled weavers.
  8. The weaving is finished off with hoops and fringes where appropriate.
  9. The finished weavings are displayed in the gallery, sent to the customer or distributed to
    international outlets and buyers.
  10. The ladies of Setsoto Designs.

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